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Meet Mary Kha

There once was a girl named Mary

And her goal was to always be merry

And she knew what she’d like

And that was a big red trike

But she hadn’t a way

To have it that day

But when she went out to play

she met a little dragon named Marky,

At first she was scared

But then he declared,

That he knew the way

For her to play

With all of the things of her dreams,

So she took his advice

For he was really quite nice

And all it required

To have everything she desired

Was to just be a little... mean,

“No, it’s not mean,”

Marky said with sheen

It’s just assertive

Cause no one will give

You all of your greatest desires

So Mary went to the woods

To find the means to buy goods

And there was the apple tree

And with great glee,

Declared that this belongs to me

And at first the others protested

But soon the idea infested

And the other people agreed

And they divided up everything indeed

Only Feather protested,

But for that she was detested

And beaten and banished

The fool had tried to decree

That you can’t own a tree

Feather was given a cactus by the sea

If by sea you mean desert

Where nothing did grow

No matter how many seeds you sew

But Mary did well,

She traded, and she did sell

But she still could not buy

The trike that caught her eye

So she saved, and she traded

But mostly she waited

Until she could buy the lemon tree

And a boat by the sea

So she could trade even more

Till she could buy the trike at the store

And since she couldn’t do it all

She hired a few landless people on call

But as her investments grew,

There was still more to do

So she bought a few hands

From faraway lands

She traded them for pointy stones

That their neighbors used to rip more of them from their homes

They only worked for food

And small shelters of wood

And then one day

She returned from the store in dismay

For they had raised the price

Of the tricycle device

So, in her anger, she sent

The men who guarded the slave tent

To take berries from a nearby bush,

But that bush did belong

To Carlos, her neighbor,

Who didn’t take long

To run out his door

And sock her men in the jaw

But they didn’t stand there in awe

Mary declared war

And a bit after stood at Carlos’s door

And with a rock to his throat

And took the note

Declaring the bush was hers

But back at her tree,

Her employee Sally

Had asked that her slaves be set free

They were entitled to life

Said the troublemaking lowlife

And had even helped some run away

Which the police were hunting that day

So Mary hit Sally, and Sally hit Mary, and all the workers took sides

And beat a decision from their hides

Sally won

But Mary wasn’t done

She just had to pay

The slaves’ wages each day

Which turned out

By Mary’s ingenuity, no doubt

To be less than it had cost

To keep them as slaves

But now they were free to flee

And let out a yippee

As they went back to work at her tree,

But Mary still couldn’t buy her trike

And that fact she did dislike

So she went back to Marky

Intending to yell angrily

But Marky showed him her friend

Who would help her to the end?

He was Chia the snake

And he would help her make

More profit than they had ever dreamed

So she shook his tail

For he had no hands,

And he went to other lands

While Mary focused on making more

Instruments of war

And Chia did his best

To make the other areas infest

With the beating drums of war,

That required guns from Mary’s store

But Joseph saw Mary’s play

He was her rival in that day

So he made weapons as well

And from the sky fire fell

While both sent their serpents around,

Sewing rage and fear

So others would bring their money near

Billions died, and billions more cried

But Joseph and Mary’s pocketbooks grew fat

But even at that

Neither did buy that trike

Because now they wanted a bike

But soon they were after a car

And before long, a star

They’re still at it to this day

And until the people of the sphere stand up,

It’ll always be this way


If you enjoyed this please, share, subscribe, and check my blog for more content. This is the first chapter of my poetry epic, The Mischievous Misadventures of Mary Kha, Available on Amazon. Also check out my short story collection Remote Viewing Session X719 which is also available on amazon. See the books page for more info. To view similar poems try clicking one of the tags below.



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