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          Dane Sullivan has dual bachelor's degrees in engineering and general arts. In school outside the sciences, he dabbled in philosophy, history, religion, film, and, of course, science fiction. An insatiable reader as a child, who moved out of the realm of fantasy and into paranoid and dystopian fiction. His work centers on a few themes. A certain uncertainty principle of human interaction that allows all sorts of nefarious activities to transpire on both the intergalactic and interpersonal scale, the unyielding selfishness of biological life, the cold statistical bias of machines, and the idea that the future will not be the gleaming utopia foreseen by previous generations. 


          As a schizoaffective, he uses writing as therapy. Having lived a nomadic life, he feels he has far too many forgotten acquaintances and not enough close friends. Repeatedly moving does that to a person and having several psychotic breaks doesn't help. He also constantly wrestles with the dread that human society is advancing technologically far more rapidly that it is socially, and fears that discrepancy has our species rocketing towards a damning fate. Writing is how he screams those anxieties at the world, hoping others relate and can heed the warnings. 


He has no faith that they will.

This feeling permeates the paranoid-realist style of his work. For more information on upcoming and released books, check out the Upcoming and Books pages!

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