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Remote Viewing Session X719:

A Collection of Short Stories

The future waits for no one

From the anxious mind of a paranoid engineer comes a series of sci-fi short stories packed with concerns about the coming future, one in which mankind has solved all its technological problems but fallen victim to the same demons of it’s own creation. From high-tech worlds where the working class have been deemed useless, to covert wars fought over the powers of the mind, and even alien invasions executed through legislation, Dane Sullivan digs into what the future may have in store. Spoiler alert it isn’t all flying cars and gleaming spires.

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The Mischievous Misadventures of 

Mary Kha: Nursery Rhymes of Revolution

A delightful allegorical retelling of the history of greed that brought about the modern distopia

Mary Kha's quest to buy a tricycle spirals into a globe spanning regime which uses everything from propped up dictators to financial propaganda to fulfill her unyielding thirst for MORE.

Dane Sullivan's unique brand of dark poetry is whimsically blunt, and adopts the style of children's rhymes to explain the history of corruption and greed which underpins most of modern human society.

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