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"Humorous and brilliantly haunting, this is a collection you won’t be able to stop talking about."

A dark series of glimpses into humanity's future beyond the stars. Each unique. Some feel like classics from the golden age of sci-fi, some have the dark cynicism of modern cyberpunk. As the book progresses each story becomes more unhinged than the last.

Remote Viewing is a practice which was experimented with by the OSS and CIA from WWII through the eighties which proponents claim allows the participant to see across time and space, to the past, present and possible futures. This collection of short stories and flash fiction provides brief glimpses of possible futures, ones in which humanity has reached distant stars but is still haunted by the same demons that sowed oppression throughout our history.

Explore visions of high-tech worlds where the working class have been deemed useless, to covert wars fought over the powers of the mind, and even alien invasions executed through legislation. Dane Sullivan digs into what the future may have in store, and it is not all flying cars and gleaming spires. It is a universe of planetary colonial powers finding creative new ways to exert ancient policies of control over outlying systems and massive monopolistic corporations managed mostly by AI finding innovative new uses for an outdated biological labor force, and through it all people still finding ways resist and survive.

What people are saying -

"Original, Cynical and Deep"

"The stories contained within its pages are excellent."

"An almost comically dark outlook on the path of technology's development"


"It has been a lot of time since I read something new that was this original."

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