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Merch, because why not?

It may look like I'm shamelessly selling out, but what I am actually offering is an oportunity for you to remind yourself and inform your friends about how disturbingly awesome my books are. 

And to fund my passion for writing, which could hypothetically enable me to quit my day job, and therefore have more time to write more books that give you anxiety attacks.

I bet half of you pirated my books anyway.  


And the fun stuff

Beer Mugs, Shot glasses and flasks

Because you'll need a stiff drink after the trauma my books put you though. 

The vendor of the other stuff didn't do fun items, so I tracked this one down, may consolidate shops eventually IDK. There's also some unique stuff on here like golf balls, bumper stickers and ornaments. The downside is they don't seem to organize my stuff in a way that makes it easy to find. 

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