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You found one of my QR Codes, scattered across the galaxy on my books and merch. As a reward for your curiosity, I've led you to a shameless marketing page where you can find free offers, and updates on what I have coming next.

Upcoming release (Late 2023?)

Spreadsheet Cultists

In a fully automated future where machines suck at their jobs as much as we do, a young man receives the opportunity of a lifetime, getting paid to manage the machines that hunt terrorists and scammers. 

Part cyberpunk, part office comedy, every bit as dark and eerily familiar as you've come to expect from me. 

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What is this place?

Who is Dane Sullivan?

I am a Sci-fi writer who veers into the paranoid side of things. I like writing about conspiracies, and ways in which technology is going to fail to solve humanities problems, because our issues stem from greed and corruption, not lack of productivity. 

My biggest literary influences are Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut. 

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Show off your love of Sci-Fi

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In paperback and Ebook fromat

Hardcovers coming soon! You can always find my books on Amazon, the lovable scrappy tech conglomerate that is slowly devouring the retail world and publishing industry. 

And get hyped about my works in progress on the upcoming page!

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